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Comedy Bliss

March 3, 2018

“There’s an Improv/Commedia Dell’Arte show in Fort Green, Brooklyn, wanna go?” I said “Yes” despite not knowing what this actually was. It was a chance to discover this form of comedy first hand and though I lived in Brooklyn most of my life, I don’t recall visiting this neighborhood.  

“Two of my improv teachers from the Funny School of Good Acting-Chris Bayes’ and Virginia Scott’ are putting it on. It’s going to be bawdy and over the top. I know some of the players and they are amazing...

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Weather Kindness

March 29, 2018

Some wickedly cold weather snaps in the Northeast motivated me to bring extra hats, gloves and scarves (new or gently used) with me on a trip to NYC.  My goal was to gift them forward to anyone who might need them. 

I initiated the offering by remarking, "This weather is unbelievable you look cold" and wait for a response.  If the person admitted they were cold, I offered them a piece from my collection that would match what they were wearing and meet their need.  I did it on the subway, in...

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To Go or Not to Go?

March 31, 2018

It was a new theatre work under development. I knew little about it, but I decided it didn’t matter. A friend designed the stage set - I knew that it was going to be epic. I wasn’t disappointed.

It was intricate, it was puzzle like, it resembled a cave fantasy. The troupe referred to it as "The Altar". The show was imaginative and the acting and music amazing. I loved it. 

It was a special treat to experience the work in an intimate performance space. 

I’m glad that instead of finding...

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